Your Game

Here at Shawnee Ridge we have had breeding populations of fallow deer for approximately 30 years and populations of red deer and Russian and European wild boar for about 15 years.  Many of these animals have been born on the property and live their entire lives here, which means they know every nook, cranny and hidey-hole around, which makes for a challenging and authentic hunting experience. Adults of these species are introduced to the native population to diversify the gene pool and because it takes years for them to mature to shooting size.

Field dressing,  packing the animal in, skinning, quartering and care of meat are services offered to you at no extra cost. Professional taxidermy services are available on site.

Our Guides

Our guides include the owner and proprietor, Paul Richter Sr., and his son, Paul Richter Jr.

Meals and Accommodations

Your party will stay in a modern hunting lodge with over 200 mounted trophies and will be served three home-cooked meals each day, courtesy of the talented Donna Richter. For those who prefer, campsites with electricity are available for a small fee.

Special meals and lodging rates are available for parent and child or husband and couple hunts.

If preferred, motel and restaurant accommodations are located nearby.

WiFi available.

Requirements and Policies

  • No license required
  • All hunters must bring and wear a blaze orange hat, vest or coat.
  • Any good deer rifle is effective. You may also hunt with a hand gun of .357 magnum minimum, or a shotgun with slugs.
  • Bow hunters welcome, 45 lbs minimum.
  • Sight-in-ranges available for gun or bow.
  • Feel free to bring a camera along.
  • Most kills are made under 100 yards.
  • We hunt on a no-kill, no-pay basis.
  • You may hunt stalking, standing, or behind dogs.
  • No one who is intoxicated will be allowed to hunt.
  • Weapons are available at the preserve.
  • Hunters having a fair chance at game species of their choice, and the opportunity to take same during the course of the hunt but deciding not to do so, will be charged the non-hunters fee.