In addition to the hunts offered on our property, we book African game safaris in partnership with Huntershill Safaris.  From impala or Cape Buffalo to hippo and klipspringer, or whether you’re a rifle or a bow hunter, we cater to all interests and skill sets.

We also offer our own expert taxidermy services for both exotic and African trophies. All game taken here and on safari can be mounted at very reasonable and competitive rates.

Give us a call for the most timely response or submit this form to start planning your trip to the Eastern Cape or if you have any questions about our African safaris. We’d be happy to discuss a prospective trip, even one a year or more on the horizon. Learn more about Huntershill and their commitment to conservation and sustainability.

Daily Rates for Safaris

  • 1 client x 1 professional hunting guide $450 per day
  • 2 clients x 1 professional hunting guide $350 per day (per client)
  • All observers non-hunting $150 per day

Expense Inclusions and Exclusions:


  • Accommodation during the safari
  • Meals
  • Beer, wine and soft drinks
  • Laundry
  • Airport transfers
  • Professional hunter, skinner and trackers
  • Field preparation of trophies & delivery to local taxidermist
  • Hunting License
  • 4-wheel drive vehicle for hunting


  • Hotel accommodation before and after the safari
  • Taxidermy charges
  • Game taken other than included in the package
  • Firearm rental (rifle, shotgun or bow)
  • Ammunition
  • Wounded animals to be paid for in full
  • Sightseeing/excursions during safari dates
  • Gratuities to professional hunter and staff
  • Airfares
  • Dipping and packing of skins, horns and capes
  • Export, insurance, and freight charges for shipping of trophies

Trophy Prices

Species Price
Axis Deer $2,800
Baboon $150
Barbary Sheep $3,500
Blesbuck (Common) $400
Blesbuck (White) $700
Blesbuck (Yellow) $950
Besbuck (Copper) $1,200
Bontebok $1,000
Buffalo $15,000
Bushbuck $700
Bushpig $680
Duiker (Grey) $300
Duiker (Blue) $850
Eland (Cape) $2,200
Eland (Livingstone) $3,900
Fallow Deer $750
Gemsbok $1,100
Genet Cat $350
Giraffe $3,900
Grysbok $900
Hartebeest (Red) $1,000
Hippo $7,500
Hog Deer $2,750
Impala $480
Jackal (Black backed) $100
Klipspringer $1,000
Kudu $1,100
Kudu (50-56) $2,000
Lechwe $2,700
Lynx (Caracal) $700
Nuberian Ibex $7,500
Nyala $2,500
Ostrich $450
Reedbuck (Common) $1,100
Reedbuck (Mountain) $550
Red Stag $4,000
Rhebuck (Vaal) $1,000
Rhino (White) darted $6,500
Roan $8,500
Sable $8,500
Sandbar (Deer) $2,200
Scimitar Horned Oryx $3,500
Springbuck (Common) $300
Springbuck (Kalahari) $450
Springbuck (White) $850
Springbuck (Black) $550
Springbuck (Copper) $1,450
Steenbuck $350
Transcasbian Urial $3,500
Tsessebe $2,900
Vervet Monkey $50
Warthog $500
Waterbuck $2,250
Water Buffalo (Asian) $5,000
Wildebeest (Black) $950
Wildebeest (Blue) $950
Zebra (Burchell) $1,350
Zebra (Mountain) $3,900